Thursday, May 21, 2015

A-Line Skirt DIY

I have been wanting to make an a-line skirt, but not by spending $20 on a pattern!  These basic skirts are a front and back, held up by either zipper or elastic.  How hard can it be to draft one of these!?!?

So I started searching and researching.  I came up with an amazing new favourite post from Frugal and Thriving blog: 48 + Free Skirt Tutorials which features just about any kind of skirt you could ever want to craft!

A-line Skirt Pattern Tutorial by Sew Country Chick, Justine.

Drafting an a-line skirt pattern is so darned easy, I'm drafting them for my friends and sending them patterns now!

So once a skirt is successfully crafted, now what?

I'm am totally in love with the funky skirts  created by an Aussie company Karma East
which feature unusual fabrics paired together in panels on a-line skirts.

Again... how hard can this be?  Especially since currently the company does not carry my size.

So logically all I need to do is amend my current working a-line pattern, right?


 So I jotted down lines in Paint for a few concepts.  Eventually I've done some mock ups of the fabric I want to use in Adobe Photoshop and these are two likely candidates.

I like the right side one best though.  So I have marked up the panels on a copy of my a-line pattern.

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